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The week starts quite hot (not meaning weather). We got to know that Holaluz is planning on doing an IPO by the end of November. We will keep you posted about that!

Flying cars is not just a sci-fi idea but also a big business. German flying car startup Lilium has been talking to investors about raising a huge funding round sized between $400M and $500M. If they succeed, they could join the unicorn club as Grammarly has recently done. join Grammarly having unicorn status.

The HR management software Factorial has just launched its brand new app to improve the relationship between companies and employees. This, together with its recent announcement of its partnership with Signaturit makes it for a very solid product!

– Itnig’s team

Podcast #109: Entrepreneur and investor at Y Combinator

In this week’s podcast, Helena Torras talks about her learnings at different life experiences. She is an entrepreneur and an investor with a large experience in the startup sector having raised funds several times for different companies.

Helena explains her experience at the cloud-management platform Abiquo and how startups should do business with corporates. We also discuss the business model of B-Wom, her femtech startup, check it out!

This week’s podcast is brought to you by Quipu, the definitive solution to manage your business. Manage, invoicen and administrate your professional activity from a single place and with the help of a professional.

New funding for startups 

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  • Work with us Vulcan Salute on Apple iOS 12.2

    • At Factorial, we are looking for a Payroll Specialist to join us radically changing the compensation management.

    • At Quipu, we are looking for a Marketing Intern willing to improve how companies run their businesses.

    • At Camaloon, we are looking for a Talent Aquisition internship to join our rapidly growing team.
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Your home office or a coffee shop won’t be enough!

Yes, we all know the tale about the guy who starts a small company in their garage or basement, has a brilliant idea and becomes the next Steve Jobs. It’s true, most successes have very humble beginnings. It’s also true that not all garage or basements are going to magically get you a successful business. They might work in the very (veeeery) early stages of your startup, but you can’t always meet a client at coffee shops, not to say your basement. 

A great, if not the best, solution is to find a coworking space. Coworking spaces have become very popular all over the world, either for freelancers or entrepreneurs and startups. 

Coworking spaces are not just big rooms with desks and chairs with high-speed wifi. The areas are made to be exciting places to work and improve your productivity.

As a startup, you need to find resources fast and affordably. More importantly, you’ll need motivation. This is why you should consider a coworking space. 

Here are some basic but amazing benefits from coworking spaces:


Joining a coworking means joining a community.  Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, freelancers and talented independent people is without doubt a one of the best features of a coworking.

Motivation is key when starting a new project and trying to develop your own business. The road will get though and you’ll appreciate other entrepreneurs’ vision and support! Other workers’ feedback can be very useful to improve your service/product before trying to sell it to the world. 

Networking, networking and…networking!

As a startup, you’ll be looking for networking opportunities. Most coworkings host professionals from different kind of industries, which can open up many doors for you and your business. Not all coworking spaces are about networking, some of them prefer to have a quiet individual work environment, so as a startup you have to make sure to choose a coworking with networking opportunities.

At Itnig, for example, we love to share ideas and support other entrepreneurs. Don’t be shy, some of the other coworking tenants can bring great business opportunities, or even become new clients (and friends)! 


As entrepreneurs (or people for that matter) it’s very important to understand the importance of money, more specifically: budget. Tight budgets call for smart spending. Coworkings are usually budget friendly, most of them offer different membership options depending on your startup’s needs and budget.


A coworking provides you with everything needed to be as productive as possible. High speed internet connection, printers, conference rooms and COFFEE. Some coworkings even plan afterwork activities and events to make it all more fun! As a startup, a coworking space is your best chance at having all the basic amenities but also the fun ones, like a ping pong table or a nice chill out terrace. 

Happy clients

As you grow and have more clients, it can get messy if you keep meeting them in coffee shops. Coworking spaces offer office services such as conference rooms. That way your meetings will be more professional and comfortable for everyone. 

Barcelona is a city full of coworkings of every kind! Our Itnig community keeps growing, we now have up to 20 startups such as Andjoy, Classlife, Factorial and Freeverse, all under the same roof. We have afterwork activities and we also plan different kinds of events open to anyone interested in marketing, tech stuff, entrepreneurship and design. Our space is about 2.100m2 with up to 800m2 of conference rooms, events space, ping pong and fun activities. 

There’s also  wifi, endless coffee and talented people. Join us!