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Dear tech entrepreneur,

How fast is the European ecosystem growing? GP Bullhound just assured that Europe will have its first Titan in 2021, as Spotify and Ayden will be the first startups reaching a $50.000M valuation. If you are more into the Chinese market, these are some of the tech trends to watch in 2019.

Last week we published an interview with Oriol Marimon, eCooltra’s CEO to talk about mobility and the topic can’t be more relevant. It has been confirmed that Bird is buying Scoot and ACCIONA has entered the business with 1.200 motorbikes only in Barcelona. Oh, and you can suggest to us who else to bring to the podcast here!

And two extra tips. The madri+d foundation and F. Iniciativas have released a quick summary of financial resources for startups and if you are more interested in finding a job at a game-changing startup, you can take a look at our open positions!

– itnig’s team

Podcast #93: Selling to Birchbox and Managing Companies with Sergio Balcells


Sergio Balcells is an entrepreneur and executive that started as a lawyer but realized he was more of a sales kind of person so after changing sectors, he created Glamourum the first subscription-based company in Spain. Glamourum was then sold to Joliebox that was quickly bought by Birchbox where he served as CEO for Spain for over a year.

Sergio focuses on the learning outcomes he got as a General Manager at different companies like, Milanuncios and JOBS TODAY some of which he is currently putting in place at his current endeavor as a Country Manager at the French-based company Welcome to the Jungle to Spain.

We will keep our eyes wide open to see how all these projects get developed!

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Product of the week 💛

Noise canceling headphones seem to be everywhere but especially in offices and coworking spaces to reduce distractions from the noise around you. The tech behind them it’s quite cool. Some of the best products come from Sony and Bose.

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N26 secures $170M at $3.5B valuation!

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Dear tech entrepreneur,

Last week was great for Fintech startups. We got to know that card-payment solution SumUp secured a $300M loan to finance its growth while the German neobank N26 has raised an additional $170M funding at $3.5B valuation. Also, the card aggregator Curve raised €49M and they partnered up with us for this week’s podcast!

The Apollo 11 turns 50, a project that might bring some insights for your own moonshots. Additionally, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we know sales is tough and being a team leader in the sales department is even tougher so Bernat wrote an opinion piece on what a leader should have.

Oh, and Camaloon also joined the last viral challenge, the #bottlecapchallenge. Check out their cool video!

– Itnig’s team

Podcast #99: From CEO at Rakuten to ABA English with Marc Vicente

In this week’s podcast, we are chatting with Marc Vicente who is currently CEO at ABA English, a startup focused on teaching English. He has also been at other C-level positions in companies like Akamon and Rakuten Spain.

Marc discusses some of his insights in the marketplace business and explains some of the differences he finds between Amazon, Rakuten or other companies like Alibaba or Cdiscount.

You can listen to the story of how Rakuten Spain was created here:

This episode is sponsored by Curve, the one card that unifies all your debit and credit cards and removes foreign transaction fees from all of them. Curve offers 1% cashback and retrospective switching of payments between cards. Sign up with code ITNIG to receive a free €5

New funding for startups 

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Product of the week 📼

The Ako Trike is an electric inverse leaning trike for two people

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