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The European startup ecosystem is fastly evolving and catching up. Don’t trust us, trust the ranking made by StartupBlink in collaboration with Crunchbase and others that lists 1,000 startup ecosystems from 100 different countries (if you are curious, Barcelona ranks 27 and Madrid 31). On top that, some people suggest Silicon Valley should look to Europe to solve its IPO problem.

On another note, something that caught our eyes was the return of Foursquare to big funding rounds. The location check-in company has raised a $150M Series G round. This is more than four times larger than its previous round showing that a business can retake traction after pivoting.

And last but not least, don’t miss the chance to attend an event organised this Wednesday at OneCoWork where Factorial’s founders Jordi Romero and Bernat Farrero will be talking about the new schedule control system.

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Podcast #91: Making a very successful B2B printing company – Technology under the hood
In this week’s episode, Andrés Askenasy (Industrial Director @Camaloon), Maite Forcadell (Printing Manager @Camaloon) and Juan Rodríguez (CEO @Camaloon) chat about how Camaloon uses technology to make a very successful B2B printing company.

Andrés and Maite emphasise on what makes them different. Camaloon is run out of optimization technologies that enable them to save costs and time for their customers while remaining a successful business model.

Their next challenge? Controlling the end-to-end process including shipping. What an exciting time for them!

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New funding for startups 

Random tech news 

Product of the week 💛
Ferrari doesn’t want to get behind other players in the industry in the race (pun intended) to build greener supercars. The Cavallino Rampante has now turned hybrid with their new Ferrari SF90 Stradale getting an impressive 986HP and a top speed of 340km/h.

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Listen to the podcast with Vicens Martí, serial executive and entrepreneur

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One of the biggest recent success stories in Europe is undeniably the money transfer startup Transferwise. The company has recently announced a $292 million in secondary share sale which won’t bring fresh money but will make some of their initial shareholders and employees pretty happy. Reports claim that this round has made 33 new millionairesWe might be seeing a wave of great Estonian startups coming up soon!

Last week was also very positive for the cloud-based identity platform for developers Auth0 as they raised $103 million to become a unicorn. And we lost the count. Unicorns don’t seem to be so rare in recent times and some start to question if the real unicorns are actually the profitable startups (like Transferwise seems to be).

– itnig’s team

Podcast #90: Serial executive and entrepreneur, Vicens Martí

In this week’s episode, Bernat Farrero (CEO @itnig) and Juan Rodriguez (CEO @camaloon) discuss the life of Vicens Martí, entrepreneur and executive of many companies.

Vicens defines himself as sector agnostic, he thinks that business is business and there is no such thing as “this industry is different”. After being an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, playing different roles at Cirsa, AMC and Port Aventura, he went on to become one of the initial executives who started Vueling and brought it to the IPO. He learnt a lot from this process and specially from its founder Carlos Muñoz.

After a short period as CEO of the family-owned Custo Barcelona, he then was convinced by Carlos Blanco to lead Akamon and accepted the challenge for 5 years until he brought it to the 28M$ exit to a Canadian company. He keeps involved as the CEO of the acquiring company, then renamed to Tangelo Games.

Vicens thinks he can play a crucial role and “bring agency” to the places where he gets involved and have a rich personal life at the same time. He is now President at El Row, which makes over 30M€ and 5M in EBITDA by organizing electronic music shows. He especially enjoys this sector as he is a big fan of electronic music. As a bonus, he tells us the experience of participating in the Burning man annual festival.

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  • New funding for startups 
    On-demand food delivery startup DoorDash raises $600 million, and now the company is worth $12.6 billion
  • Money transfer startup TransferWise gets $292 million in secondary share sale making 33 new millionaires
  • The Beijing-based online travel startup Mafengwo raises $250 million for online travel
  • Cloud-based identity platform for developers Auth0 is raising $103 million to become a unicorn
  • London-based social impact fintech startup Wagestream raises €46 million for its service to end payday poverty
    UK-based enterprise decision-making
  • Platform raises €21.5 million Series B round at €90 million valuation
  • Finnish PropTech startup raises €12 million gives homeowners a stress-free way to quickly sell their homes for a fair price
  • Hamburg-based BIO-LUTIONS raises €8.3 million from Delivery Hero for its ecological alternatives to single-use plastics
  • French startup Dawex raises €5 million to accelerate the development of the Data Economy
  • Intelligent mobility startup Immense Simulations raises €4.1 million in Series A funding
  • Barcelona-based startup Ona Therapeutics raises €1,5 million developing an anti-metastasic medicine
  • The crediting startup Nemuru raises €1 million to increase its technological systems
  • Tiller Systems acquires the restaurant AI software Beesniss

Random tech news 

Product of the week 

Google has promised to change the gaming market with its Google Stadia a game console that allows you to play games running them on the cloud. In summer they will release prices, games and launch info!

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